Living Pool: A semi-natural pool for the garden

Jump into the cool water on hot days and freshen up – many homeowners dream of a Living pool in your backyard. However, many shy away from the problems of maintenance and the use of chemicals, which is required for hygienic conditions. This also completely without chemicals: Naturnahe Livning pools clean the water permanently on purely biological nature and to produce clear and healthy relationships.

Living Pool: Water treatment in a natural way

The “Living Pool” of the provider biotope landscaping example prepares the water with a specially developed phosphorous filter on naturally. Instead of the regeneration zone with the living in their plants and animals, which is common for example for swimming ponds, provide in this pool, a biofilter and a specially developed phosphorous filter for the natural treatment of the water. Optically a pool, the bathing area in your garden is thus but a full-fledged, natural swimming pond. The house owner can thus be sure to clean water – to be able to relax and refresh yourself having to operate with little maintenance effort – almost like in a mountain lake.

Three awards for the new pool generation

For this concept, the manufacturer has now received three awards. So the garden-editors of the Financial Times has declared the pool for “Best New Product at the Chelsea Flower Show 2011″, the province of Lower Austria chose habitat among the three most innovative companies in the country, and finally got company boss Peter Petrich the “Energy Globe Award 2011″. “This award is a milestone in our company’s history”, Peter Petrich is convinced “because it is a confirmation that we are right with our development of sustainable and environmentally friendly swimming facilities.”

Swimming pond: just convert Conventional pools

The technical development and the natural pool does not stand still – quite the contrary. So it is now possible to reduce the size of the biofilter from ten to one square meter. In addition, a conversion kit for conventional pools was created with no effort a chemical pool becomes a “Living Pool” – a natural and healthy swimming. This enables almost all basins that have smooth walls be retrofitted. For this it is only necessary to install a biofilter and the technology and decommission the chemical water treatment.

Pools are planning individually for each garden

“The decisive factor for a visually appealing ‘Living Pool’ and that it works properly, whether new or pre retrofitting, is a plan by the skilled artisan,” says Peter Petrich. A network of partners experienced gardeners and landscapers throughout Germany develop suitable ideas for almost any garden. The individual planning of investments is just as natural as the support after completion. Good to know: The construction costs are not higher than that of high-quality swimming pools in conventional design – in addition, the chemical may be banished from the garden.

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